New Zealand Generation Balance

Current estimated generation balance in MW based the long term load forecast


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Introduction to the NZGB

Welcome to the New Zealand Generation Balance website. The purpose of the NZGB is to help predict, isolate and prevent situations where available generation is insufficient to meet projected load.

This website has been established to:

  • Communicate to industry participants potential North Island generation balance shortfalls over the next 200 days.
  • Provide industry participants with a means of assessing the potential impact of their planned outages on the North Island generation balance.
  • To enable industry participants to select optimum outage periods which least impact on the North Island generation balance.

The NZGB provides significant graphical analysis of outages and load profiles, as well as various user-focused features to help analysts rapidly locate information and trends of interest.

Powerful trend charts

The dashboard provides an immediate graphical breakdown of projected risk, generation and load out to 200 days

Outage stacks allow rapid visual assessment of high-risk periods

Precision and Integration

Easy-to-read charts and in-depth tabular data co-exist throughout the site, giving the analyst the precise level of detail they need at a glance

From overview to detail

In-detail day analysis allows problems to be quickly identified and projections assessed

Generator, Region and Asset Owner displays let the analyst move quickly through the data to identify hotspots and trends

Personalised experience

Watchlists let analysts track outages on relevant parts of the Grid

Upcoming outages on watched items, high-risk alerts and System Operator commentary are displayed right on the dashboard


NZGB Monthly reports

The New Zealand Generation Balance (NZGB) is calculated using estimated load and outages of generation and transmission equipment notified through POCP. The NZGB web application automatically calculates the generation balance on a daily basis and Transpower’s System Operations Division produces a monthly report that provides additional analysis and commentary.

Please use the links below to access recently published NZGB monthly reports

For enquiries please contact Alex Shin.